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You have the right to feel safe in your family and home.
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Credit and thanks to:

Project Sponsor
  • Integrated Family Violence Executive - Southern Metropolitan Region

Contributors to this project
  • Craig Miller - Victoria Police
  • Denise Friend - SMR Regional Integration Family Violence Coordinator
  • Kim Culpin - WAYSS
  • Janice Peterson - WAYSS
  • Julie Knowles - Windermere Disability Services
  • Linda Watson - SMR Regional Integration Family Violence Coordinator
  • Lisa Eldridge - Frankston Magistrates' Court
  • Jen Hargrave - Women with Disabilities Victoria
  • Monica Kelly - Department of Human Services
  • Sarah Blackmore - Victoria Police
  • SECASA: 'Sexual Assault when Sex is Not Okay' booklet.
Video Production Crew:
  • Jordan Prosser - Director/Producer
  • Dan Jobson - Editor
  • Sam Burns-Warr - Director of Photography
  • Luke Ritchardson - Audio
Video Production Cast:
  • Elvira Alic - Emily
  • Carrie Beetham - Jenny
  • Carly Findlay - Kim
  • Aaron Gebert - James
  • Marco Toscano - Barry
  • Craig Miller - Police Officer
  • Zoe Winters - Social Worker

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Introduction/James was a victim of physical family violence.

Emily was a victim of sexual family violence.

Barry was a victim of social family violence.

Kim was a victim of emotional family violence.

Jenny was a victim of financial family violence.

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