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You have the right to feel safe in your family and home.
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Tell Someone

Welcome to the Tell Someone website! It has been designed to provide information to anyone in our diverse community who may have been hurt by family violence and would like to know what to do and where to go for help.

Most of the time, families love each other very much, and never do anything to hurt anyone in their family. Sometimes however, families do hurt each other - this is called family violence and family violence is against the law.

The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 covers all types of family violence and a wide range of family and family-like relationships. It can better protect the community from family violence and make those who use violence against their family more accountable for their behaviour. While anyone can be a victim or perpetrator of family violence, most family violence is committed by men against women, children and other vulnerable people, like those with a disability.

This website is aimed at educating people with a mild intellectual disability and their family and community about family violence.

You can watch the 'Tell Someone' videos on this website, to learn what family violence is. If you are a victim of family violence or someone who has used family violence, you can access the information on this website to help you find out what you can do and where you can go for help. If family violence is happening in your family there is always someone you can talk to about what has happened and someone who will help you.


Everyone has the right to feel safe in their family and home.

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Introduction/James was a victim of physical family violence.

Emily was a victim of sexual family violence.

Barry was a victim of social family violence.

Kim was a victim of emotional family violence.

Jenny was a victim of financial family violence.

Tell Someone.

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